SRE provides an extensive set of tools that help you configure and purchase a wide range of marketing and printed materials from your chosen providers. That means instant access to commercial printing, “1 to 1” marketing pieces, forms, stationery, fulfillment, Print On Demand, and even promotional products. All of these are available in an easy to use, browser-based environment that is directly linked to the back-end ERP and typesetting systems for real-time inventory analysis as well as online proofing.

  Shop, manage your inventory, review service levels, request quotes all from your desktop using "state-of-the-art" E-commerce systems designed specifically for your company's needs.  
  Login to your own set of billing and shipping profiles that allow you to easily manage the Ordering, Billing and Shipping processes from a single point of entry for multiple production facilities.  
  Supply Chain management is what it is about, shortest time to market, no longer having to make runs of hundreds of thousands and find them to be obsolete. SRE is a virtual warehouse at your fingertips.